2D+ is a Berlin based design collaborative for architecture and design. Founded by three architects with various cultural, academic and professional backgrounds, we engage in the idea of amplifying our individual strengths through a network of specialists in the design and construction industry. Our interdisciplinary business model combines design, planning and technology in innovative ways to provide our clients with both - quality and profitability. We are not just another architecture office - we are a workshop, a research lab, a platform, a classroom with a collective team of designers, planners, engineers, scientists, and artists who help us to develop innovative ideas and implement them into intelligent design solutions. We are a diversified group of interests, skills and talents whose sum is greater than our parts.


Our services are dedicated to transform great ideas into great products! Working collaboratively with our network of experienced specialists in the design and construction industry, we combine the forces of design, marketing and technology in innovative ways to foster both - quality and profitability. We offer full design services in all phases from concept design to construction administration. Our team and affiliated partner offices hold licenses for permitting construction projects in Germany and the U.S.


We vigorously engage in the ongoing architectural discourse and our firm is continuously involved into the academic realm. Beyond their professional careers, our team members held various academic positions for architectural research, design, management, prototyping and construction technology at universities in Europe and the United States including

Our design methodology is not a product of formalities or styles but rather influenced by the unique prerequisites of each individual project. We believe in design through research. Beginning with our own procedural framework, we commonly develop, refine and implement techniques that will best serve each client’s requirements regarding program, location, aesthetics and budget. In order to streamline the communication and production process between our clients, consultants and builders, we employ a variety of emerging digital technologies. Our design methods and tools allow us to simulate, construct, prototype, fabricate, build, brand and market our client’s visions with high efficiency, cost-savings and precision. Our design solutions are characterized by flexibility, user-friendliness, efficiency, sustainability and attention to detail.

Our core services include:

  1. Architecture

  2. Interior Design

  3. Renovations, Remodeling and Conversions

•  Urban Design

•  Graphic Design

•  Product Design

•  Installation & Exhibition Design

We also offer services in:

  1. Design Management

  2. Digital Fabrication

  3. Feasibility Studies

  4. Marketing / Branding

  5. Permitting in Germany and Continental U.S.

  6. Post Occupancy Issues

  7. Prototyping

  8. Programming

  9. Project Management

  10. Realty-Research & Consulting

  11. Sustainability Consulting / Certification

  12. Visualization Services

  13. Wayfinding & Occupancy Management

  1. The Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning

02-2014 Markus Bonauer serves as jury advisor for design competition: Extension of German Parliament, Berlin

  1. TU Berlin

WS 2011-2012 Lecturer Position Markus Bonauer

Seminar and Workshop “Digital Craftsmanship”

Fachgebiet Baukonstruktion und Entwerfen

Prof. Regine Leibinger

  1. Virginia Tech, Department of Architecture + Design

2010-2011 Visiting Professor M. Bonauer  & Tiffany Taraska

Co-Founder and Director of international study-abroad program”Berlin Studio”; Design Studio and Seminars on Professional Practice, Building Assembly and Methods

  1. Virginia Tech, Department of Architecture + Design

WS 2009 Visiting Instructor Markus Bonauer

Design Studio „Levitation in Architecture“  and

Workshop „High-Rise – Supertall Architecture“

  1. Otis College of Design & Architecture, Los Angeles

SS 2005 Visiting Instructor Markus Bonauer

Landscape Architecture Design Studio

Prof. Anthony Guida

  1. UCLA Architecture, Los Angeles

SS 2004 Teaching Assitant Markus Bonauer

Introduction to Architectural Design

Prof. Victor Jones / Prof. Mark Lee

  1. UCLA Design|Media|Arts

2003-2004 Teaching Assitant Markus Bonauer

Design Seminars on Interactive Media Design

Prof. Casey Reas

  1. TU Braunschweig

2001-2003 Teaching Assitant Michael Bölling

Department for Experimental Design

Prof. Berthold Penkhues

  1. UCLA Architecture, Los Angeles

2002-2003 Teaching Assitant Markus Bonauer

Design Studio for Advanced Digital Fabrication and Architectural Theory

Prof. Mark Lee | Prof. Erdman | Prof. Bratton | Prof. Jones



Michael Bölling is a founding partner at 2D+ and former Studio Head of the Design Department at Barkow Leibinger Architects in Berlin. As an experienced design specialist Mr. Bölling had a leading role in the design, management and construction of award winning international projects ranging from urban planning to product design, including the BMW Designhaus Munich, Daimler Headquarter Stuttgart, Tour Total Berlin, and the 2008 Venice Biennale. He is a graduate of the Technical University of Braunschweig and a recipient of the DAAD scholarship for exchange studies at the ETH Zurich.


M.ARCH. / B.A.

Tiffany Taraska is a founding partner at 2D+ with a primary focus on interior design, architectural programming and materiality. Prior her position as an associate architect at HENN GmbH in Berlin, Tiffany worked for Shop Architects in New York City on such award winning projects as the Barclays Arena and held academic positions at Virginia Tech University as visiting faculty for the Department of Architecture and Design. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology from Stanford University and graduated with a Master in Architecture from the University of California Los Angeles.



Markus Bonauer is a trained carpenter and registered architect with a primary focus on design, management and construction. Prior founding 2D+ he had a leading role in the design and construction of award winning projects in Europe, Asia, India and the USA. During his career, he gained experience in design offices such as JMayerH, Barkow-Leibinger, Fievre Jones and SOM New York and held several academic positions at Universities including Virginia Tech, UCLA and the TU Berlin. He is a graduate of the University of the Arts Berlin, a Fulbright scholar and graduated with a Master in Architecture from UCLA.

TEL. +49 30 60 40 28 55  | INFO@2DPLUS.COM



Since the founding of 2D+ in 2011, our practice has continuously grown to become a known player at the forefront of a new and sustainable architectural discourse. Our team has proven their abilities in winning numerous national and international competitions for various design fields and our work has received prestigious honors and awards and has been published and shown in magazines, books and exhibitions in Germany and abroad.

Selected Awards

  1. Häuser Award 2016  / Best European House Award

  2. Brandenburgischer Baukulturpreis 2015 / State Award for Building Culture

  3. Häuser des Jahres Award 2015 / House of the Year Award

  4. Deutscher Holzbaupreis / National German Wood Construction Award

  5. Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales, Berlin / Federal Ministy for Labour and Social Affairs 3rd prize international design competition.

Selected Exhibitions

  1. Brandenburgischer Baukulturpreis 2015 / Federal Foundation for Building Culture Germany in Potsdam

  2. “Häuser des Jahres 2015” / National Museum for Architecture in Frankfurt

  3. Materialprize 2015 Design Center Baden Württemberg

  4. Urban Wood Works / Make City Festival Berlin

  5. “DRAWN” - Perloff Gallery Los Angeles Exhibition of Drawings from UCLA AUD Alumni from 1968-2014

  6. “Deutscher Holzbaupreis 2015” National Award in Wood Construction - Ligna Hannover

  7. “da! Architecture from Berlin 2015” Best architecture from Capitol selected by the Chamber of Architects Berlin

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